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Masked :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 1
My mind is slipping,
the scale is tipping,
the insanity is creeping in.
I hear them scream,
they're in my dream,
the insanity is 'bout to begin.
They're off to a start,
breaking my heart,
the insanity 's under my skin.
They've broken the core,
my soul is no more,
the insanity 's all but thin.
They have what they want,
Forever they taunt,
All I can see is their grin.
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 1 2
A lightning flashed over the sky and the thunder followed shortly, the force of the storm rattling the windows in the small apartment.
The young, black haired man sat up with a panicked look on his face, his breathing elevated and sweat running down his back.
As the thunder struck again he cried out in fear and tears started to fall down his cheeks and he could do naught to stop them.
He pulled the covers up to his chin, his body shivering from the fear and panic he was feeling and he called out the one name that had always helped him before when he was in this state.
"Sam!" But the instant the name left his lips he let out a loud sob, the man he was calling for wasn't there any longer, hadn't been for two long years. He almost choked on the next sob and his chest started to hurt terribly, as it always did when he thought about his former lover and best friend.
Nowadays it wasn't often, but whenever there was a thunderstorm he couldn't help but to cry out Sam's name, as if it, by some
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 0
Alex :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 2 2
26 Letter Theme
26 letter theme: Kay, Tiro and Iason.
A: Anger (a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility)
No matter how angry he was with the twins because of their constant fighting and quarrelling he still would never leave them. He loved them too much and it was a love that no anger in the world would be able to dispel.
B: Broken (incomplete)
Without both of them he was broken, no matter how he always told himself he'd be able to go on with only one twin by his side.
C: Cruel (causing suffering; painful)
Kay could be cruel sometimes, Iason thought, like when he had been forbidden to touch his lover for ten years, or when Kay made pieces of ice hit him in the head and the neck for days after a fight. But even so, he always came crawling back, no matter how cruel his lover was, because he loved him.
D: Dream (a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep)
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 1 0
I can still hear them,
Screaming, shouting out to I,
Demons here to condemn,
Here to watch me die.
They tie me down,
Take my voice,
Make me drown,
I have no choice.
They make me blind,
Laughing hard, mock, point, sneer,
As I try to find,
My way through fear.
As I lie in pains,
In the cold winter snow,
Hold down by chains,
They deliver the last blow.
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 1
Please come back
Silence. It was ever present in the halls of the castle nowadays. The usually lively corridors was dark, even if candles were lit  the sad and worried mood in the whole castle swallowed them up, making them flicker for air enough to continue burning. The servants, black shadows that usually were happily slithering around and chatting with each other, were quiet and not saying much, all of them sad. Many times per day they would travel up to the third level of the castle and looked into a room filled with mirrors along one wall, looking with worry and pity at the person seated in the lonely armchair standing in the middle of the room. As many times before he black and red haired male was sitting there, staring at himself and the emptiness of the room. Silent tears were trickling down his cheeks but he made no effort to dry them, they had fallen for so long and he didn't actually notice them anymore. He didn't care about them as he didn't care about a lot of things nowadays. Ev
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 2 1
Mature content
What If...? II :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 2 1
What If...? I
"Sire! Sire!" The usual silence of the throne room was broken as a panting messenger entered through the large golden doors. The blue haired man sitting on the throne looked up from the book he was reading, he had finally managed to take a break and wasn't happy over the disturbance. "What is it?" He asked, an annoyed edge in his voice as he watched the messenger approach in a hasty walk."An express rider just came in with this." The messenger said and held out a rolled up scroll with black bindings around it, telling of the important and grave new they bare. Frowning, the man took it and ripped off the bindings and opened it, starting to read it quickly.
His frown grew deeper as he read the note and when he was done he just stared at it for a moment before he got up from the throne. "Go find Seth and tell him to gather the army and for everyone to be ready in an hour at the main gates of the city. And tell the stables to prepare my horse." He ordered before he headed to his chambers a
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 1 1
Shuya Collaige :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 2 2
Mature content
Happy Anniversary :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 1 3
Rebu Zumi :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 1 Psycadelicthingy :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 0
Mature content
Suicide is for another day, 2 :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 0
Suicide is for another day, 1
"How are you?
"I'm fine." A smile
"You sure you okay? You look a little down..?"
"No, I'm fine. I'm just tired. It's nothing." Another smile.
"You don't look really well… Is everything okay?"
"Yup, it always is. You don't have to worry." A bright, happy smile.

Truth was, he wasn't fine. He hadn't been for a really long while and sometimes he wondered if he had ever been happy. It felt as if he had been walking in a vacuum for an eternity by now, but from what other said it hadn't been more than a couple of years. But what did they know? They just said he behaved strange, never asked more about it. Fine, Seran asked, but he couldn't tell the old man anything, didn't want to see his hurt and worried eyes. Better keep his problems to himself and try to solve them on his own, even if it wasn't that easy.
He though that he would probably die before that happened, but as it was now he would welcome death instead of pushing it away. He had been playing with it for over a year now,
:iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 0 2
Space Lion :iconhisakatanomatt:HisakataNoMatt 1 2


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Well... Happy birthday to Kakashi-san and me ^^
Even though it feels like a normal day (don't you just hate it when your birthday loses it's glory?) I am turning 19 today, and Kakashi is turning only-god-knows-what xD

(Somehow this came to be my first entry and I've been on here for months >_> XD)

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  • Reading: Your death sentence
  • Playing: Prince of Persia
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Your blood


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I glanced at your note. Sorry about the way you're feeling, I remember there used to be a time when I felt tired of life, all looks gray and depressing, and surely later I found a purpose and found what made me happy.

Hope the best for you, and don't be too harsh on yourself. There's someone waiting out there for everyone of us, you just have to patience.
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